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New Working Man Lay Down

will you take no, will you straighten your jacket
by LOBA address


LOBA ADDRESS “Empty Prints Alone”

A footrace on the moon / two show up armed with nothing but a polished flute and an assortment of scraping, stumbling percussion. No audience, no prize, no celebration, no start line no finish line.
“Why race?” Say Alisha with a slight zero gravity shrug.
“Why win?” Ludmila replies looking off into the opposite direction of the earth.
Silence for minutes, nothing moves, no dust settles. Nothing
“How about we set the record for the SLOWEST race across Albategnius (131 km) and record two 22 min pieces as we do it? I’ll be a stone freezer…”
“..and a good mysterious first planetary record at that..” Lud glances around at the length of the cold canyon : arcane muppets with frayed arms start the percussion, and icy lonely flute tones stretch out to bounce back at the nearest orbiting material light years away…..

The results? Right here on “Will You Take No, Will You Straighten Your Jacket.”
Now: normies with zero insight will say something smug like “Straighten your STRAIGHT Jacket” but damn, maybe they are 33% right? If straight jackets means loneliness, tighten the straps as this duo sounds akin to unobserved communication inside an island made of footprints from sullen lost tides leading to nowhere. “Music” made for no one. Given the fact that going outside to a society of shadows is less of an enticing experience as time lurches itself dectructively forward, why not have the soundtrack be the lonely sounds of your friends? At least you can somewhat understand it better.

Percussionist / scrapper / stumbler / klanger Ludmila Nunes is a localized staple of the East Coast version of the Cray Dober camp via Portugal : full bio & sneaky details not entirely clear personally but closer to the island of the inzane i.e. Michigan, flutist Alisha Eversole aka Alisha Warning, well damn: lots of well known stories there. From playing to a decaying pile of “flesh” deep in the basements of Ypsilanti at 3am on a Tuesday night recording the WARNING SIGN lp circa 2006 to fighting with the Knitting Factory staff after the almighty legendary THE JASONS were the only band in the ragged No Fun Fest history to get kicked off the stage for being eeerrr … too imploding (?), to MSU sunset Rock Garden Dober dives into mystery, Alisha is the truest / realist of spirits, individual and inspiring, and always down to confuse. Together Lud and A are a perf unit of frozen atonality, and this tape could happen no other way. Smooth as sliding ghosts in ancient dust. A treasure chest filled with chimes to make your tonsils gold plated weights. A true ESCAPE ROOM where you have a time limit of 20000 years, in reverse. “Music” is a gift, this one is a disappearing ink tattoo of a wooden Dalek. Lucky you / us.

After the results of the first lunar foot race are contested, soak in this beautiful rustic audio experience of “Your Jacket” into the seams of your closet indoor life and seduce the walls as they close in. No goal, no start, no finish: all old gold. Such a deep lake to dive into here, TBH I had to jam the entire “Let it Bleed” mono press LP to be brought back into real time, sounded dope right after “W.Y.T.N, W.Y.S.Y.J”
Should have a sticker or waiver that says “This ones for the ______.” File under “Photo- copying heiroglyphs on high contrast under the light of a full moon.” Incredible slow damage here, pave your own highway and record your own version. The reality one is outdated.

Johnny R. Spykes Fall 2021 B.C.

releases November 12, 2021

flute- alisha eversole
percussion- ludmila nunes

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