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kyle flanagan​/​tim gick
by kyle flanagan/tim gick

Upon engaging with these composite audio images rendered from the details reported, the listener becomes the 138th citizen. Left to ponder are the same questions that plagued citizens 1-137.

Not only what was the source, but what was the source of the source? What is left to be known of mercury? And setting aside all that is obvious which can be inferred regarding size, what can we infer from this event regarding age, given the role that it played? Does age increase receptivity (and receptivity to what)? Maybe older individuals have trouble sleeping for other reasons.

One thing is certain - the listener ages over the image’s duration. Here lies the invitation to take this phenomenological interpretation and apply a phenomenology of mind - to take note of whether receptivity increases over the span of sound as aging naturally and concurrently occurs.

I can report that, in my case, receptivity does increase (it is worth noting here that I have several amalgam fillings).

If you find that in your case receptivity does not increase, take comfort in listening as a choice, a privilege reserved for the 138th.

-J. F.

written/performed by k.f. & t.g.
recorded/mixed/mastered by t.g.
inside photo by josh russell

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