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Introducing Hong Kong imprint, Mouhoi, to our distro - & its a big batch, & a great batch!

by Khronoform503

Khronoform503 hailing from singapore, coming from various bands from the punk underground of their origin, Khronoform503 is a solo act that takes cues from Death Industrial and Power Electronics. Harsh disgusting noise and distorted vocals.

6 tracks coming from their personal dreads, reeking of nihilism and antonyms of hope, like slowly dragging your face across a slab of rough granite till it bleeds

Image of White Widow
White Widow
Image of  Magpie Cemetery, VEIDRIK
Magpie Cemetery, VEIDRIK
Image of Pool of Light
Pool of Light
Image of Kisewa
Image of Seido Toshiyuki, Francesco Terrini
Seido Toshiyuki, Francesco Terrini
Image of Salot
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