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Musik Ohne Ende
by Kapotte Muziek

Professionally-manufactured CD in full-color, 4-panel digipak.
Includes bonus tracks from compilations (Tracks 5 - 7)

Originally released 1988 via Prion Tapes
Mastered by Nÿland at 4 & Rising
Cover by Adrian Gormley

"In the 1970s, serious music lovers had a reel-to-reel tape deck. My father certainly loved music and had one to tape classical music off the radio. I recorded my first musical experiments with this machine, fascinated as I was by slowing down the speed so my pieces last longer. Later on, I had some more experience, and my father turned to playing CDs, so the reel-to-reel machine has used a lot less, and I was allowed to drag it upstairs, and I borrowed one from the likewise serious Phillips employee next door. Now having two machines, I was able to create longer loops, which became an overall ingredient in the music of Kapotte Muziek.

'Music Ohne Ende' means 'music without an end', which is what tape-loops are all about, isn't it? The four pieces on this cassette from 1988 are recorded with sound sources mentioned in the titles; metal, feedback, paper and surfaces, and resonances. I remember very little about the recording process, to be honest, but somehow this tape I enjoyed for its instability in sound and the noise of it all. I also used a loop housed in a normal cassette at that time, but those results never captured the same power.

For this CD re-issue, there are also three bonus tracks from the same period, using the same tape machines, but more cut-up/collage, cutting tapes and sticking these together in random order."
Frans de Waard, September 2022

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