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Image of Kaily Schenker and Nick Keeling

Kaily Schenker and Nick Keeling


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Kaily Schenker and Nick Keeling – Marker CS (Repress)

Released on Torn Lights own inhouse imprint

‘There are many things that go unsaid of true artistry. The building of a craft for the sake of self-betterment, and to more deeply explore that which makes us who we are, and perhaps even better defines the things we feel we need to say or have left unspoken. One cannot think of a better example of true artistry than the works of Kaily Moon Schenker & Nick Keeling. Two artists that continually strive for the most sincere, deepest explorations of sound and human expression. Marker brings together these two wonderfully talented artists via a collaboration of Kaily Moon Schenker’s deeply moving cello works (See Schenker’s most recent Solar Hex album for the epitome of her solo voice in the medium) and Nick Keeling’s now iconic tape loop delays and degradations that have been unleashed upon near countless experiments, here mixed with Rhodes Mark 1 and Organ. What comes of the meeting is an emotionally moving work of cascading loops and frayed textures. Aching cello, and fragile melodic content captured in tonal, grainy tape loops provide us with a tapestry both feeling older and familiar, but very much so present and leave us wondering what’s to come. Only trusting in those who strive for this level of artistry and who push to further the explorations of self expression will be able to show us the way.’ – Brandon Hill

Pro-Dubbed reissue, limited to 100 copies.

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