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Jordan Reyes (Unifactor)


Released on Unifactor

Jordan Reyes - What is a ghost? Is it Really Me?

Chicago composer, ONO member, and American Dreams label boss Jordan Reyes has explored modular synthesis and drifter guitar on his various solo outings, finding an unsettled equilibrium between electronic and organic wavelengths on 2020's high watermark Sand Like Stardust. What Is A Ghost? - Is It Really Me? takes a new approach, melting together detuned synth drones with dead-eyed woodwinds or the occasional wall of layered guitar clusters. The energy of the project moves nervously to different corners of the room, talking to the wall in a metered, peaceful cadence one moment and growing more anxious and crazed the next

This is what came out of the worst depressive episode of my life.
Written, performed, recorded, mixed by Jordan Reyes
Mastered by Mikey Young

Art by Christina Carter

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