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Joe P Cox – Acid Bath 1987 Cassingle

Via Tech Noir 1984

Acid-drenched techno from the chemical soaked underbelly of Michigan. Drug-drenched Detroit warehouse music. Working class electronics. Black music. Raw. ‘Does it hurt, Does it hurt?’

3rd cassingle in an ongoing series from TN84

Layout by: Shea Hardacre

TN84 Cassingle Series Info:
After a long period of hibernation, Tech Noir 1984 returns with a series of cassette singles from a myriad of more rhythmic centered projects and ideas occupying the realms of Midwest electronics and lost / forgotten underground dance-floors of old. Methods from the past sound-tracking the future. The cassingle series will feature 2 exclusive tracks per tape from a range of artists exploring these methods.

Image of Crime of Passing Image of Crime of Passing
Crime of Passing
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Alien Nosejob
Image of Fog of Joy (cassingle)
Fog of Joy (cassingle)
Image of MattxIbarra
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