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J Hamilton Isaacs


New batch from Orb Tapes - Aiming to ship in 14 days of 15 June

by J Hamilton Isaacs

Professionally dubbed in real-time
Blacks shells with white pad print
Limited to 50 copies

Following releases on Warm Gospel Tapes and Ingrown Records, J Hamilton Isaacs continues on his synthesizing quest to encapsulate the universe around him in his modular rig. This release is comprised of two side-long compositions of precise, drifting modular electronics. As the pieces build, sweep, fluctuate, dissolve and begin again, the sound itself seems wholly alive, breathing and wandering with the listener.


Recorded live March 2021 in Philadelphia and Logan Martin Lake, AL

Mastered by Zachary Bauer at Bright Star Studios, Golden Colorado
Art and layout by Tony Lien

Special thanks to Tony Lien, Zachary Bauer, Jaime Sullivan, Anton Krueger, Lee Isaacs and Orb Tapes! -- J Hamilton Isaacs

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