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I Think We're Alone Now


Delighted to introduce Hot Releases to our distro with a brilliant drop of releases.

Pre order, we aim to ship in 10-14 days of 28 April

I Think We're Alone Now - Unwritten

ITWAN is the scorching pastoral rust noise duo of Cold Spring Hollow's very own Erik Brown (Scald Hymn) and Jacob Winans. Ecstatic hot mic harsh noise is placed in relief beside bowed metallic strings and stretches of more subtle electroacoustic clamor. Recorded and mastered irresponsibly loud, tastes like copper.

Image of Yohimbe (Hot Releases)
Yohimbe (Hot Releases)
Image of Sibling
Image of Secret Boyfriend (2x Cs)
Secret Boyfriend (2x Cs)
Image of Control Point
Control Point
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