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One of 3 titles in from Damien Records

The True History Of The American Human Salvage Program Part 2
by Human Aspic

Each release comes w/the following
Limited to 30

1 x HUMAN ASPIC cassette w/screen printed arigato cut cover & booklet
2 x HUMAN ASPIC 1" buttons
2 x HUMAN ASPIC 2.75" square vinyl stickers
1 x Damien Records 2.75" vinyl sticker
1 x Damien Records 1" button

The Next Sickness is the second installment of Human Aspic’s series of releases based on the American Human Salvage Program. The first, released in August of 2020 on the Modern Tapes label, was the first piece in the puzzle; the introduction of human-based meat products into the American food supply starting in 1942. Part two's focus is on the expansion of the program and its effect on the growing number of individuals involved from both a personal and political perspective as well as how the program became entwined with the nation's economy.

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