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Our very 1st batch from Flesh Prison, Montreal - & it is a good one!

Pre-Order: Shipped to us mid June...these are imminent, but please be aware that transatlatic shipping can see delays. We ship as soon as they arrive, & you'll receive notification of shipment from ourselves



“...somewhat monumental for us as it was the last live music show we all attended together before the pandemic, a live performance of HRT (formerly known as Dregqueen) performing at Montreal’s oldest strip club, Cafe Cleopatra. It also marks the first release from the hot live Montreal trans EBM duo who have been performing for quite some time, and, needless to say, the release is overdue

Recorded straight from the mixing board into a handheld recorder, Anastasia Westcott and Lees Brenson managed to bang out a punishing full stereo master, a close analogue to the visceral experience that is a live HRT performance. I can recall that night and their set with the sonic energy booming through my body, a possession dictating my actions on that dance floor - thrashing around the floor into lead singer Lees Brenson, where she is often known for joining the crowd as a rhythm marker. I’ve heard some say she appears demonic while performing - but for me it is a kindred spirit

Anastasia’s live complex sequences and visceral - hard hitting - percussion all comes from her own programming using a conjunction of predominantly analog eurorack and digital synthesis. There simply has never been, or is, a genre or band quite as defying and unique as HRT - perhaps a historically prominent precedent and imprint to be set for new performers and groups to come”

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Boy Dirt Car
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Carl Abrahamsson
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Black Leather Jesus (FP)
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