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Hissing Tiles

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Courtesy of Fantasique, released on Whited Sepulchre. Very limited Euro Distro.

Boychoir is the band’s second LP, and first for the experimental label Whited Sepulchre (Midwife, Planning For Burial, Forest Management). Recorded at Cincinnati’s historic Ultrasuede Studio, the album exhibits a more cohesive coupling of the desperate noise of early releases with an expanded sense of melody, dynamics, and space. Their approach to production and instrumentation is lawless: synths and vibraphones ring out next to prepared guitars and broken cymbals; tambourines and choirs share space with birdsong, controlled microphone feedback, and sampled drones. A washing machine is used as a percussion instrument. No sound was considered off limits.

Thematically, the band has chosen to use its platform to examine and dissect male archetypes, looking at how they contribute, or are directly responsible for, a world they view as increasingly drowning in alarming, toxic rhetoric. The songs on Boychoir act as a series of ground-level vignettes, portraying family members led astray, the silently complicit, the increasingly unhinged, and the outwardly destructive. For all of the vitriol shown towards these targets, there is an equal amount of empathy and solidarity shown towards those forced to exist in such an environment, and an overriding sense of hope that humanity will eventually right the ship.

Image of Rusalka Base Waters
Rusalka Base Waters
Image of die Reihe
die Reihe
Image of Wilted Woman
Wilted Woman
Image of Crazy Doberman - /Haunted, Non/Haunted
Crazy Doberman - /Haunted, Non/Haunted
Image of Sissy Spacek
Sissy Spacek
Image of High aura'd & Josh Mason
High aura'd & Josh Mason
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Image of Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich
Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich
Image of Bobby Flan...Calaesthetics
Bobby Flan...Calaesthetics
Image of asKesem...Evacuation LP
asKesem...Evacuation LP
Image of Hontos...Subway Series Vol 2 Vinyl
Hontos...Subway Series Vol 2 Vinyl
Image of David Wesley Sutton...Alterations
David Wesley Sutton...Alterations
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Image of Nick Klein + Lack...ii
Nick Klein + Lack...ii
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Image of Domenico Crisci...Velvet
Domenico Crisci...Velvet
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Image of Soft Issues vinyl (Opal Tapes)
Soft Issues vinyl (Opal Tapes)
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Image of Duds...Immediate
£10.00 — On sale
Image of Bloodyminded 2xLp
Bloodyminded 2xLp
£17.50 — On sale
Image of E saggila...Dedicated to Sublimity
E saggila...Dedicated to Sublimity
£10.00 — On sale
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