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Grossman / Morris-Smith (re-stock)


Our latest drop from Astral Spirits - pre order, expected to ship Friday 29 July

Curious Music
by Grossman / Morris-Smith


First pressing of 200 on BLUE TINT shells. Split release with Research Records from Australia!!

The music on this album was created using only Electric Guitar *

Using a single instrument - Electric Guitar - As A frame and the studio as the limit.

ie :
The sound of ‘Harp’
The layering of a single, guitar chord.

The sound of ‘Trumpets’ & ‘Saxophone’
Were designed and treated using fuzz / Wah Wah / Pitch Box / Delay & Mic Gate.

The sound of ‘hi hat’ was designed through the scratching of two guitar strings repeatedly

Thank you for listening
Michael Grossman & Jai Morris-Smith

Curious Music.

*Jai’s watch can be heard as it marks the next hour. Side I ending.

*The last phrase of guitars on side II was recorded and played back using a dictaphone.

Guitar & Treatments - Michael Grossman
Guitar & Treatments - Jai Morris-Smith

All Compositions
Written, Recorded Mixed & Produced by
Michael Grossman // Jai Morris-Smith
2020 - 2021

Mastered By Mikey Young
Artwork By James Coe

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