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Wraiths - Gleb Shaganov

released December 22, 2020

All tracks by Gleb Shaganov

Artwork by Ariel de la Vega
Mastering by Lawrence English

Additional violin and percussion recordings courtesy of Virulent Green

CD - Circa 60 minutes

Gleb Shaganov is a Moscow-based artist. His debut EP 'Inalienable Rites' under the name Moodswing was released in 2017. In 2020, he released (and we stocked) a mix tape for The Letter Press Series, a mixtape compiled Gleb Shaganov from the music he was constantly listening to during his long walks in New York. 90 minutes of contemporary classics with a focus on the works of US composers

Gleb now returns with Wraiths - his first full album

While most of material was recorded (and found) over the period of 2018-2019, the album was finally given shape and cohesion during the lockdown days of 2020

Conceptually it deals with the ubiquitous theme of ghosts and other spectral entities and that peculiar culturological microcosm they occupy in our lives. However, in lieu of engaging with the postmodern ‘hauntological’ memes and mainstream breed of schlocky ‘horror’, it finds inspiration in the traditional Western 'ghost story' and its themes of absence, loss and immaterial agency at work

Following the advice of the great M.R. James, who once states that ‘the great successes have been scored by authors…who allow to be just a little in the dark as to the working of their machinery ‘, the album doesn’t try to build a rigid, forced narrative, instead the focus is on timbral and textural aspects of the sound itself and using them to construct mysterious, somewhat sinister musical worlds, where the listeners can tell their own stories

Sonically, it draws inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s European avant garde and its obsession with discordant orchestral clusters, static sound masses and creeping microtonal glissandi

Chamber and symphonic pieces are juxtaposed against the droning textures, constructed from the recordings of claimed EVPs, garbled cold-war era radio transmissions and sounds of industrial machinery taking its last breath

All those elements took the form of 8 lengthy, ever-evolving musical pieces, often changing from shadowy, fragile pianissimo to monolithic orchestral walls of sound and back in a matter of seconds

All in a vain attempt to bring that elusive (to quote M.R. James yet again) ‘feeling of pleasing terror’ to live

Featuring pristine mastering by Lawrence English and gorgeous artwork courtesy of Argentinian maestro Ariel de la Vega.

For digital purchase & access to Gleb's earlier work, please visit m00dswing bandcamp

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