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Image of Glacial Anatomy / Cementation Anxiety

Glacial Anatomy / Cementation Anxiety


Great to have ORB TAPES back...shipping in 3-4 days of 17 July

Glacial Anatomy / Cementation Anxiety split

Professionally dubbed in real-time
Green glitter shells with color labels
Digital download card included
Limited to 50 copies

All Glacial Anatomy tracks produced, recorded, and mastered by Glacial Anatomy

All Cementation Anxiety material recorded between August and December 2022
Mixed and mastered by Kyle Nelson
Contact: [email protected]

Art by Faith Coloccia
Layout by Dave Petersen

Image of Torschlusspanik
Image of Alex Cunningham
Alex Cunningham
Image of New Grasping Machina
New Grasping Machina
Image of niku daruma
niku daruma
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