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Les Capelles
by García / Navas / Reviriego / Trilla

CD - Atomic Disc "Wallet Lite"
Edition of 100

Les Capelles documents the very first time Garazi Navas, Miguel Angel Garcia, Àlex Reviriego and Vasco Trilla played together as a quartet. Carefully woven drones fill the reverberant space of the chapel, with the punctuating percussion recalling the bells from the neighboring church, and the subtle electronics adding an ethereal and mysterious touch. Like the XIVth century religious building where it was recorded, now used as an arts performance space in the hip and tourist packed center of Barcelona, the music lives in a intermediate space between the archaic and the contemporary, with the traditional tones of the accordion merging with electronic feedback and extended string and percussion techniques.

Even if the meeting looks like a double duo affair (Garcia and Navas working as a duo in Doppelganger, Trilla and Reviriego long relation in dozens of projects), their paths crossed many times before, tracing an intriguing shared history: Reviriego playing along with Navas performing Garcia's electroacoustic compositions, Garcia inviting Trilla and Reviriego to perform at Zarata Fest on several occasions, the three of them performing and recording together as Ab'Bhau, Reviriego guesting in Doppelganger performances...and a personal friendship and deep artistic affinities threading it tight together.

Beautifully recorded by Pablo Miranda at the chapels of the Convent de Sant Agusti, this recording doesn't feel so much an impromptu meeting of four like-minded musicians as the product of a long gestation process.

Miguel A. García - Electronics
Garazi Navas - Accordion
Àlex Reviriego - Double Bass
Vasco Trilla - Percussion

Recorded live by Pablo Miranda at Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona).
Mixed by Pablo Miranda.
Mastered by Pablo Miranda.

Cover art by Patri Etxegaray
Layout design by Haley Aronow

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