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Spires That Rise From the Earth
by Fsik Huvnx

Professionally dubbed cassette tape housed in lavender recycled card stock, encased in smokey brown earth tape shells. Edition of 50.

A transcendental object culled from an ancient hinterland, emerging from the Earth amongst its earliest creatures. A spire from the earth like a life from the womb, eventually left to question its own meaning.

This is is the newest work by Fsik Huvnx, the solo project of Miami-based sound painter David Brieske. An existentially electroacoustic melange emanating from treated field recordings, secluded sound generation, and vibrating particles. He paints sparingly, with just the right amount of sonic hue to colour the void and soften the pain of existence. Sound sources span the terrains of India, Cambodia, and beyond.

Spires That Rise from the Earth is the first full length recording from Brieske since a near-fatal car accident in Austria while on artist residency. An enlightened work punctuated by worldly experience and tireless artistry. Noir Age celebrates his redivivus.

released March 5, 2021

Recorded by David Brieske in 2020,
except "Nightfall" which was recorded in 2015.

Field recordings made in India and Cambodia, 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Inlay photo of Rampuria Haveli in Bikaner, India by David Brieske.

Design by Richard Vergez.

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