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Ouroboros Patching
by Fritz Pape

Limited to 100 copies. High-bias cassette. Layout by Dustin Bowen.

The trajectory of Fritz Pape’s music is a constant embrace of extremity in musical expression. Under Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! Pape created impenetrable walls of swelling guitar noise that recalled the minimalist sonic attacks of Swans or The Boredoms, organized large guitar ensembles and explored the limits of collective volume and repetition and is known for playing marathon drone sets. With a CV of limit-testing experiments, the Cincinnati-based artist has created a gorgeously executed and fully realized album that explores carefully constructed chance connections.

According to Fritz, "Most of this music happened on it's own accord, after some careful (and some not so careful) construction of circular connections between sound-making and sound-altering systems, with some gentle human coercing along the way. These recordings are observations of those systems getting to know themselves."

Recorded at home in 2020, mostly during quarantine

All sounds by Fritz Pape using a modular synthesizer; specifically a few oscillators, a few filters, a matrix mixer, a Rings, a Lubadh, a Benjolin and a delay.

Black Lives Matter. Wear a mask.

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