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Image of Fonemi...Materia



Part of the 4 tape drop from Miami label Noir Age

Professionally dubbed yellow tint chrome cassette with imprint, housed in a full color, fold out 3 panel j-card. Two alternate covers. Edition of 50. 

Fonemi is the project of Italian artist and writer Vito Santoro. For his full length effort with Noir Age, Materia, he is exploring a combination of ritual and ethnic rhythms, combined with the suspended textures of ambient soundscapes. Submerged in this deep listening experience we are treated to a ghostly and monochromatic sonic palette, perhaps subconsciously invoking the past lives ingrained in the landscape of the ancient Italian city of Brindisi where Fonemi calls home. 

As for the title, in the artist’s own words: “Materia, which means substance, in the sense of a raw and indefinite material that can be transformed in a new creation."

Check Noir Age bandcamp for pre listening

Exclusive Euro distro...very limited numbers

Ships week of 15 July

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