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Fabio Selvafiorita


Born in Milan, Selvafiorita is a composer of instrumental and electro-acoustic music. THE FALL is his first full-length solo release. Selvafiorita’s acousmatic music investigates the complexities between in-formal abstractions and Pathos in sound manifestations. For THE FALL Selvafiorita embarked in over six years of research and experimentation with hundreds of sounds: from field recordings to processed and synthesized sounds, from tape reel manipulations to time-frequency esoteric processing techniques.

These aural concretions interlock one another forming, by magic or accident, gyre, torsions and turbulences. Here the sounds become bodies and not just debris of acoustic matter.

A tangible physic of phantasmatic presences that scrape the loudspeaker cones: rocks, sands and telluric tremors turn into omens of the pathos-logic in order to transmute auditory mereotopologies into a panpsychic acousmatic engine.

Image of Wolffflow (Opus II)
Wolffflow (Opus II)
Image of Wolffflow (Vibrant Matter)
Wolffflow (Vibrant Matter)
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Rosso Polare
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Sergei Demin
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Saturn And The Sun...In The Name Of
Image of Saturn And The Sun...New Age
Saturn And The Sun...New Age
Image of Jacques Beloeil
Jacques Beloeil
Image of Post Materialists
Post Materialists
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