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Exceptions prove the rule. Normally we distro exclusively non UK/EU titles - but the offer of a batch from Avon Terror Corps (Bristol) was too good to pass up. We've grabbed a handful of titles - sold out at source, & not available in too many other places either!

If you've been following our Deconstructed/Reconstructed series, & our work with Scott King, you'll already know just how good the likes of Bad Tracking, Narcissist Holocaust & Will Memotone are!

EP​/​64​-​57 - EP/64

EP/64 is a subtle wild improvisation combo with variable geometry, formed by raw vocalist Dali de Saint Paul with prior collaborator Dan Johnson. She invites friends (musicians and visual artists) and improvise live to celebrate freedom and joy of togetherness through music

The project will cease after 64 performances

ATC present you with this historical live document on its one year anniversary. A night when EP/64's only permanent players Dali de Saint Paul (Harrga / Viridian Ensemble) and drum powerhouse Dan Johnson fused explosively with guest wails from Ben Vince on sax and electronics (also of Housewives and much solo acclaim). Never could an 'improv band' move a room of people like this, never has an 'improv band' hit you so hard in the face with two microphones

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Avon Garde
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