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Image of E saggila...Dedicated to Sublimity

E saggila...Dedicated to Sublimity

£10.00 — On sale

Evil, wild-eyed industrial techno and gloomy doom core from USA’s Rita Mikhael a.k.a. E-Saggila

As with her previous form for Opal Tapes and last year’s Tools Of My Purpose 12”, the vibe is hardworking and darkly enigmatic, veering from epic gloom tramplers such as Glass Wing to cyberpunk techno on Reputation and bone-rattling hardcore sensibilities in Strive For Action and Your Hole in a way that strongly recalls everyone from Nkisi to AdamX and Xyn Cabal.

Don’t sleep; Rave! Partnof a limited run of 100 on blue vinyl

Includes download code

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