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Image of Dosis Letalis/Mo*Te

Dosis Letalis/Mo*Te


Pre-Order: Bought & Paid for...aiming to ship within 21 days of 12 July, fingers crossed on the trans-atlantic shipping!

All 8 titles from the new Fusty Cunt batch:

Dosis Letalis/Mo*Te - Split C20

One side of Serbian harsh wall noise.
One side of classic Japanese dragging noise.

Image of Rotting Angel (Fusty)
Rotting Angel (Fusty)
Image of Violent Pleasures
Violent Pleasures
Image of Mallard Theory / burnt-feathers
Mallard Theory / burnt-feathers
Image of  Kwashiorkor
Image of Urine Cop/Sewer System
Urine Cop/Sewer System
Image of  Christian Lovers
Christian Lovers
Image of Craniofacial Deformity
Craniofacial Deformity
Image of Weird Dick
Weird Dick
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