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by DJ Chooch

This is the debut release of Atlanta's DJ Chooch, the moniker of Ashley Choo-Hen, active primarily as a dj the past few years and is distinguished by her energetic, non-conformist, wide-ranging sets that are guided by sound & mood instead of "genre". "Moongazer" collects her first studio productions: 2 trax of gritty, driving, noisy, lo-fi dream acid with maniacal drum programming and a Dutch kick, a heavily overdubbed remix of a contemporary, with a contemplative seaside closer invoking Guyanese folklore for the title track, all buzzing with the immediacy of discovery.

"trax recorded in Decatur, GA & Cathedral ii with Roland TR-8, Behringer TD-3, Animoog iPad app, Dave Smith MoPho, Mackie 1202 mixer, and more onto one track on ableton, no edits just jams.. “one take”.. except for "massive effect (chooch's overdub)." friend of a friend is Chase Cofield."

mastered by Glyn Maier

art by Sergia Jimenez

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