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Image of Death Valley (Chicago Research)

Death Valley (Chicago Research)



Stuntwoman b​/​w Wavelengths
by Death Valley

“Stuntwoman”/“Wavelengths,” the premier single from Chicago’s Death Valley, breathes a shimmering life into the often staid hypnagogic synth pop movement. The single delivers a synthwave flayed to its most minimal, successful components: propulsive drum machine stomps, fluttering, floating synthesizer lines, a compelling vocal presence. “Stuntwoman/Wavelengths” is very strong pop construction, triumphant and melancholy, nostalgic, and in its precise and entirely satisfying execution, music for our now. ”

Image of Civic Center
Civic Center
£18.50 — Sold out
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Obe (Chicago Research)
Image of Peace Regime (Chicago Research)
Peace Regime (Chicago Research)
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