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New Bird Sounds
by David Brown

High-bias cassette tape with 'New Bird Sounds', in full, repeating on both sides

New Bird Sounds, by Bloomington based composer David Brown, is an audio journey that blasts off from Southwest Indiana then flys straight up into the sonic stratosphere. New ear adventures around every aural corner, the album pops with captivating tones both catchy and mysterious. Warped and withered tape experiments intermingle with acoustic rhythms, droning strings and improvisational horns n keys. A beautiful document of contemporary Hoosier electronic folk & vibed out, expansive compositions.

a changing skyline
DB: drums, percussion, electric piano, tape loops and manipulation

birds singing in english, mysteriously
DB: tape loops and manipulation, acoustic guitar, vocals
Kay Robertson: Vocals
Caleb Hickman: Vocals

elephants sentencing their peers
DB: tape loops and manipulation, piano
Diederik van Wassenaer: violin, viola

cats walking single file
DB: bells, synths, percussion, bass, electric guitar
Diederik van Wassenaer: violin, viola, string arrangement

a slow walk in an empty street at night
DB: piano


(for Aunt Joni)

january 31 forever
DB: synths, guitar, percussion

turning to look one last time before shutting the door
DB: synth, organ, drums
Drake Ritter: pedal steel

ascending through snow
DB: piano, electric piano, organ, synths, percussion
Kevin Ohlau: alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet

a truck radio plays vaya con dios in the distance as the sun rises, right on cue
DB: tape loops and manipulation, electric piano, synth, bass
Kevin Ohlau: tenor saxophone


Written, recorded, and mixed by David Brown at Pale Bird’s Eye in Bloomington, IN, 2021.
String arrangement on “cats walking single file” by Diederik van Wassenaer.
Horn arrangement on “ascending through snow” by Kevin Ohlau.
Mastered by John Dawson.

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