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Public Archive Vol. 1
by Dave Public

Twenty years into the game and there’s no sign of slowing down from lifelong Rhode Island resident, scuzz archivist, snack critic, percussionist and dismusician Dave Public. This is a long awaited compilation of live audio that selects choice cuts from his extensive yet shamefully underrepresented tenure of performance under his own name.
Perhaps your town has something like the Providence alternative entertainment district c.2000-present: incomprehensible show fliers, decaying perma-humid live/work/perform zones, a remarkable dose of post-industry, general precarity, and a show tonight that doesn’t start until 1:30am. There’s always an ancient stuffed animal or fifty nailed to the wall as you make your way through the body odor fire code to find some absolutely mutated flea market simulacra of “band” or “music” or “good.” Is the muppet standing next to you laughing or crying? Is this the best nightmare you can remember right now? Good thing you’re not working til second shift tomorrow.
With any luck there’s a Dave in your town too. Every show feels like an eternal recurrence but with Dave Public on the bill you always manage to be pleasantly surprised. You’ll hear dextrous sample massage, vague musical precedents, flows of pure noise, ebbs of consonance, an incessant studio practice, any one of thousands of vhs tapes and exactly one zip code. Many pass through these grounds, stopping long enough to appreciate the sleazy flora before moving on, but for others the pursuit is a lifelong commitment.
With few official releases or widely dispersed material, Dave Public has been performing his unique mixture of noise with freaks along the east coast for ages, religiously documenting each occurrence whether the sounds burn the barn or build them back up. “Public Anthology Vol.1” brings to its listener a refreshingly different blend, never straying far from an undercurrent of humor to remind them… this is supposed to be fun.

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