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Image of Damien Records Vol 1

Damien Records Vol 1



We love a good compilation...and this is a great one!

Damien Records first compilation featuring 14 different performers/bands, 17 tracks. Mastered by Will Killingsworth, Art/Layout by Morgan Carpenter

Edition of 125...we have 10 for Euro Distro

Artists include Primitive Knot, Gnawed, Straight Panic, Limbs bin and Lunacy! Full track list over on

As with all Damien releases, its a great package! Includes:

1 x Damien Records cassette/download in oversize case 
1 x Double sided, fold out slip cover poster 
1 x 11"x17" double sided lyric sheet/poster 
2 x 1" Damien Records buttons 
1 x 2.75" x 2.75" Damien Records vinyl sticker

Get on it!

Image of Cromlech
Image of Positive Adjustments
Positive Adjustments
Image of Dodssang Tempel
Dodssang Tempel
Image of Drowning The Virgin Silence
Drowning The Virgin Silence
Image of The Siamese Pearl/Drowning The Virgin Silence
The Siamese Pearl/Drowning The Virgin Silence
Image of Poacher​/​Sterile Garden
Poacher​/​Sterile Garden
Image of Clotting
Image of Flesh Licker, Corpse Flower
Flesh Licker, Corpse Flower
£8.00 — Sold out
Image of Fossil Aerosol Mining Project / 400 Lonely Things
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project / 400 Lonely Things
Image of Primitive Knot
Primitive Knot
£8.00 — Sold out
Image of God Is War - Cruellest II
God Is War - Cruellest II
Image of Strahinja Arbutina
Strahinja Arbutina
Image of DJ Warzone
DJ Warzone
Image of Aether Jag
Aether Jag
Image of Tranchees
£7.50 — Sold out
Image of Mailbomb...PMM
Image of Electro Haram
Electro Haram
Image of Torturing Nurse...Live Performance
Torturing Nurse...Live Performance
£9.50 — Sold out
Image of V/A...Last words
V/A...Last words
Image of Whitenoise Death
Whitenoise Death
Image of Enmossed x Noir Age Bundle
Enmossed x Noir Age Bundle
Image of Slave To Society
Slave To Society
Image of Dreams
Image of Soren Roi...Hopefucker
Soren Roi...Hopefucker
Image of Karabasan Drane
Karabasan Drane
Image of Tim Stine Trio
Tim Stine Trio
Image of Christian Rønn & Aram Shelton
Christian Rønn & Aram Shelton
Image of Mausam
Image of Darko The Super
Darko The Super
Image of CRT
Image of DKA Records V/A
DKA Records V/A
Image of Ceramic Hobs
Ceramic Hobs
£12.00 — Sold out
Image of The Siamese Pearl... Death Darting Eye
The Siamese Pearl... Death Darting Eye
Image of beautywork
Image of Noah Depew
Noah Depew
Image of Straight Panic/Residual Term
Straight Panic/Residual Term
£8.00 — Sold out
Image of Sum Say
Sum Say
Image of Cop Funeral
Cop Funeral
Image of V/A...Trust Collective
V/A...Trust Collective
Image of Temp-Illusion
Image of Ixuol
Image of Roman Candle
Roman Candle
Image of Cominform
Image of Vlad Dobrovolski
Vlad Dobrovolski
Image of Volunteer Coroner
Volunteer Coroner
Image of Grant Evans
Grant Evans
Image of GASP...Second Foul
GASP...Second Foul
Image of Crack Bytch (Lake Shark)
Crack Bytch (Lake Shark)
Image of Cristopher Cichocki...desert drone cycle
Cristopher Cichocki...desert drone cycle
Image of Nursing Death...Skin Hunger
Nursing Death...Skin Hunger
£4.00 — On sale
Image of Contact Low...From Heart to Hardship
Contact Low...From Heart to Hardship
£4.00 — On sale
Image of Embryoroom Network of Death
Embryoroom Network of Death
£6.00 — On sale
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