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New Working Man Lay Down - 3 titles

Cryptonymn - Less Tomorrow


Aaron Zernack - founding member of Doberman and label honcho over at Castle Bravo presents the second ever Cryptonym appearance and his follow up to 2018's "Automated Predation". What we have here is gutter & blackened last days scorch vocal trade off - - - surrounded by multiple species wasp beat and howl. Real jerk/jerk/jerk till your stomach turns. The rhythm and dance of next years to come across. The times when the sun has left her shine no more.

released May 21, 2021

inside cover art by Esteban Garcia and Carrier Freq
recorded Sept 20-Feb 21

Image of kyle flanagan​/​tim gick
kyle flanagan​/​tim gick
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Twin Aperture
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Crazy Doberman - Cs
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Dracula Pamphlet
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Dog Whistle
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