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Wonderful 2nd batch from Medium Sound

Transmission from the Underground
by Credo Zone

Enjoy the strange and captivating electronics of 'Transmission from the Underground' in yr own home, car or wherever you keep your tape player. Printed on white construction paper sleeves and includes a cassette / download only bonus track

Electric recontextualists Heath Gillespie and Brandon Richardson [aka mos fet & Eustress] drop in a transmission from the gray and crackled streets of the East Side of Indianapolis. Their first outing as Credo Zone see the duo's new guise pushing their past blends of deconstructed techno and celestial atmospherics in to otherworldly new directions. Sparse fragments of crispy signals interweave and create ever-shifting rhythms. Snippets of minimalist soundscapes mingle with all manner of off-kilter beats and spaced-out percussion, occupying a zone that keeps one foot firmly planted in electronic nostalgia and the other stepping assuredly in to Midwestern sonic futurism.

*Cassette and digital download include the bonus track "Cygnus Beat (featuring Lee Lloyd)"

released April 30, 2021

Music & Design by Heath Gillespie & Brandon Richardson

Cover Art by Sesseka

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