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Image of Crazy Doberman - /Haunted, Non/Haunted

Crazy Doberman - /Haunted, Non/Haunted


Distro from Fantastique, a Torn Light release: NOW SHIPPING!

The Doberman crew has been relentlessly touring the U.S. for years now, existing as a traveling band of frequent collaborators and changing lineups,  consisting of often radically different artists across many different states, that has resulted in a sonic path and sound unique all to their own. After dozens of recordings on Easy Listening (Green), Mastermind (Denmark), I Dischi Del Barone (Sweden), No Rent Records, and countless self released CD-Rs and tapes, this LP marks a dark and twisted turn in the Doberman lineage. An intricate look into the American Avant Garde, “— / Haunted, Non / Haunted” is the culmination of ‘psychedelic freedom’ formed through relentless experimentation – in having no boundaries or fears to implement all forms of outsider sounds ranging from tape music, free jazz, psych, industrial and (???!)

Recorded February of 2019 in a single session, this defining statement in the Doberman catalog features the utterly stellar lineup of Drew Davis, Tim Gick, Kyle Flanagan, Jon K., Sebastian Figueroa, Steve Kenney & Coco Cruse. – Forthcoming to be released December 13th, 2019.

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