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Now & Thus Suite
by Collin Gorman Weiland

Edition of 150 w/ gold riso print insert + digital download

Collin Gorman Weiland is a multi-disciplinary musician & engineer with a deep history in the DIY scene of Minneapolis. He’s a prolific solo musician as CGW, Roy Orb DMT, Camden and as part of the groups Daughters of the Sun, Leisure Birds and Geiger Counter, to name a few. Moon Glyph has worked with Collin since the inception of the label, releasing his work in Daughters of the Sun and Camden as early as MG05 & MG09. He has also contributed immensely to the overall sound of Moon Glyph as our regular mastering engineer.

With his latest, the “Now & Thus Suite”, Collin has recorded a very personal ambient drifter LP which harkens back to private press records. The sound is fuzzy and all-encompassing; combining roughly sewn synthesizers, manipulated piano, sampled orchestras and sermons alongside contributions from other Minneapolis heads such as Chris Farstad (555, Food Pyramid) on bansuri flute and Jason Edmonds (Magic Castles, Erros Mágicos) on singing bowls. The final album is immersive, billowing and otherworldly, a beautiful tribute to time and time’s past.

Music by Collin Gorman Weiland

D# Bansuri on "Vignette..." by Christopher Farstad

Singing Bowl and holy presence on “Heaven Reference” by Jason Edmonds

“Heaven Reference” composed as live danse accompaniment to “A Ritual of Mourning” by Lucy Geach

Cover portrait of CGW embracing Guy Henry by Penny Haug
Insert photo by Taylor Boylston
Art & Design by Steve Rosborough

In Loving memory of Joey Casio

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