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Claire Rousay/Patrick Shiroishi


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Now Am Found
Claire Rousay/Patrick Shiroishi

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Now Am Found is the first collaboration between San Antonio’s Claire Rousay and Los Angeles jazz musician and experimental composer Patrick Shiroishi. Both artists are pleasantly surprised with how quickly it came together - after having known each other for many years, and having planned to collaborate for much of it, when they got down to brass tax, the collection only took about a month to complete.

Rousay likens the album’s ethos to “music playing in the other room,” which tracks, since the melodic content does feel spatially removed, on top of gentle environmental sounds. Whether it’s strummed jazz chords like on “I Remember What It Was Like,” gentle synths a la “Last of Many Times Over,” or the soft singing from “Silent Moon,” Now Am Found places the listener in a cocoon-like space where the mundane, the sacred, and the cherished become one and the same.

Claire Rousay - Field Recordings, Guitar, Piano, Synth, Vocals
Patrick Shiroishi - Field Recordings, Guitar, Piano, Synth, Vocals

Recorded remotely in San Antonio, TX & Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by Andrew Weathers

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