CIA Debutante


CIA Debutante​-​Dust LP

"Dust is the second vinyl outing from Nathan Roche & Paul Bonnet (aka, CIA Debutante) for Siltbreeze (aka, their label) following the estimable huff of The Landlord (aka, the 1st lp) after countless cassette releases (aka, too much backstory). Dust finds our heroes at the top of their game; the captivating je ne sais quoi formed around vocal recitation & percolating electronics has been honed to perfection, moving them beyond whatever references were made in the past into a catagorization where they are known as ‘Themselves’.

If I were compare it to anything it would be that giant Zardoz head, flying around the French countryside, drolly enunciating-in English no less!-dystopian affirmations, predicting the future, rewriting the past, ordering off menu, all the while spitting forth a rain of Aperol, Pernod & Gitanes to their brutish followers below. Basically free drinks & smokes. What’s not to follow? You can Cabaret Voltaire this or Shadow Ring that all you want, but Dust puts CIA Debutante in the cat bird seat. And I don’t care what you say, the air really is more exalted at the top. Listen & find out."