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Triple header from Fusty Cunt

Caulbearer - Drugs In Heaven CD

Five tracks of molasses ambient. Quiet and beautiful. High recommendation.


Image of Kadaver / Azoikum
Kadaver / Azoikum
Image of Our Wrongs
Our Wrongs
Image of Selving
Image of Stalagmite Repression
Stalagmite Repression
Image of The Faults Of Technology
The Faults Of Technology
Image of Tantric Death (Fusty)
Tantric Death (Fusty)
Image of Mallard Theory
Mallard Theory
Image of Brute
Image of Oozing Meat / Living Room
Oozing Meat / Living Room
Image of Rotat / Pain Appendix
Rotat / Pain Appendix
Image of Weepers
Image of Defective
Image of Rotting Angel (Fusty)
Rotting Angel (Fusty)
Image of  Kwashiorkor
Image of Mallard Theory / burnt-feathers
Mallard Theory / burnt-feathers
Image of Violent Pleasures
Violent Pleasures
Image of Weird Dick
Weird Dick
Image of Craniofacial Deformity
Craniofacial Deformity
Image of Urine Cop/Sewer System
Urine Cop/Sewer System
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