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Image of Carbon 14 / MNLF

Carbon 14 / MNLF


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The final pieces of the latest Phage batch

Excavated From The Vaults (1987​-​89 Demos)
by Carbon 14 / MNLF

A compilation of the demos for Carbon 14 and MNLF. MNLF was formed after Carbon 14 disbanded and was later renamed Avellon Cross.

Remastered by Grant Richardson

Image of Primitive Knot
Primitive Knot
Image of Slogun
Image of System/Error
Image of High Marks
High Marks
Image of Gruntsplatter & Wilt (Cs)
Gruntsplatter & Wilt (Cs)
Image of Gruntsplatter & Wilt (2xCD)
Gruntsplatter & Wilt (2xCD)
Image of Zwaremachine
Image of Final Solution (re stock)
Final Solution (re stock)
Image of Ahlzagailzehguh
Image of Tuxedo Gleam / Memory Clap Acid
Tuxedo Gleam / Memory Clap Acid
Image of Hålbå / Søulless
Hålbå / Søulless
Image of XLV / Cut Unconscious
XLV / Cut Unconscious
Image of The Rita - OCD Shin
The Rita - OCD Shin
Image of Choke Chain
Choke Chain
Image of Taeter
Image of The Rita - Macha Vs Knife
The Rita - Macha Vs Knife
Image of Soulless
Image of Discordance
Image of Anthony Amelang
Anthony Amelang
Image of Talk Show
Talk Show
Image of Unexamine
Image of Carrion Eater
Carrion Eater
Image of God Is War (2xCD)
God Is War (2xCD)
Image of Without Belonging
Without Belonging
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