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Burnt Feathers


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burnt-feathers - in the light of total love

these are songs of souls plunging down into dark murky fires and pluming upward into something resembling sun-streaked water. sometimes a person encounters a razor-sharp moment in time that slices a fate-line cleanly into two branches: the doe in the road either moves and survives, or doesn't and doesn't. naturally, of course, these sides of the coin can still speak to one another; however, they can't always hear each other, and not everyone who hears it can recognize it for what it is, and not everyone who recognizes it knows what to do after listening.
and for those of us who could discern something amongst the cacophony-- here we are, making maps that dissolve when they're followed. here we are, replacing contentedness with desire, and desire with something even more terrifying. here we are in the process of a non-linear rising-from-the-ashes of what we didn't become, praying that our songs bring us closer to what we need to be.

written, recorded, performed, found and/or edited by claire c in 2020-2022.
mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio (
album art by Alex Ford. photos by claire.
Kelsey Lee was involved in the production of this album in too many ways to list. their impact, and my gratitude and to them, should not be understated.
a sincere thank-you to the following people: Alice, Laura, Alyx, Gabe, Trinity, Nigel, Eris, Emile, Vicente, Nicole, Echo and all dear/deer friends of the Cave.
all samples belong to their respective owners. "it's an awesome feeling" integrates "OOBE" by Jsandler48, used with permission.

Image of Oxidized Razorblade
Oxidized Razorblade
Image of Contagious Orgasm
Contagious Orgasm
Image of The Bonus Dark
The Bonus Dark
Image of Black Mountain Transmitter
Black Mountain Transmitter
Image of Violent Pleasures (D'Bed)
Violent Pleasures (D'Bed)
Image of Silent Mary
Silent Mary
Image of Grim (Stickers/Pins)
Grim (Stickers/Pins)
Image of En Nihil
En Nihil
Image of Vessel of Flesh
Vessel of Flesh
Image of Thaniel Ion Lee
Thaniel Ion Lee
Image of Moonbeam Terror
Moonbeam Terror
Image of Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez
Image of Knurl (DB)
Knurl (DB)
Image of Rudolf & Roro Perrot
Rudolf & Roro Perrot
Image of Sisyphus
Image of SKUUL
Image of Edley ODowd
Edley ODowd
Image of Brace
Image of Misery Engine / XLV
Misery Engine / XLV
Image of Organfarm
Image of Rapace
Image of Ratlicker
Image of Cromlech
Image of Krovopuskanie
Image of God is War Image of God is War
God is War
Image of Violeer
Image of Pollutant
Image of STCLVR / Something Vile
STCLVR / Something Vile
Image of Jay Randall and scum
Jay Randall and scum
Image of 886VG
Image of Primitive Knot / Secondstroke
Primitive Knot / Secondstroke
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