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Peculiar Refractions in the Fullness of Time
by Burning Plastic Blues Band

New work from Noah Depew (Leaking, Ley Lines, and excellent solo stuff like 2020's Pictured Life tape on No Rent) intersecting high composition synthesis with cross-currents of disruption. Without ever getting too close to something we've heard before, Noah drifts through overflowing ponds of arpeggios, dematerializing atmospheres, and bursting bubbles of both thought and sound. Delusion, compulsion, and acceptance all wander in and out of frame, looking for each other in an endless, beautiful cycle.

Performed by Noah Depew July - December 2021 on korg polysix, korg ms-20, behringer pro one, 5U modular system, univox hi-flyer, epiphone es-339, and various effects. thank you to sam goldberg, jason wade, and jayson gerycz for making this music possible.

Art & Design by Nick Spolarich

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