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Image of Bloodyminded 2xLp

Bloodyminded 2xLp


Veteran experimental noise unit, BLOODYMINDED, will release its punishing sixth full-length later this month via BloodLust
The disquieting thirteen track offering centers itself on the death of human interaction in an age of digital abstraction and disconnection.

Scheduled for release on 31 May, it is available exclusively in Europe for the 1st month of its release here at Industrial Coast!

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Image of Unknown Assailant
Unknown Assailant
£8.00 — Sold out
Image of The Sweet Sound of Chaos
The Sweet Sound of Chaos
£8.00 — Sold out
Image of Faster Detail
Faster Detail
Image of Sanyan
Image of Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich
Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich
Image of Grant Evans
Grant Evans
Image of Soft Issues vinyl (Opal Tapes)
Soft Issues vinyl (Opal Tapes)
Image of Duds...Immediate
Image of Ian Wellman...Early Works
Ian Wellman...Early Works
Image of Panties...Questionable Content
Panties...Questionable Content
Image of BMA The Feeling Machines Image of BMA The Feeling Machines
BMA The Feeling Machines
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