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Image of Bloated Subhumans

Bloated Subhumans

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Latest Deathbed Drop:


It’s not just in your head. The sounds that keep you up at night are very real.
The latest full length offering from BLOATED SUBHUMANS is an exploration of disordered sleep across 7 tracks of repetitive pummeling bass, drums, electronics, and junk percussion. Let these churning, hypnotic hellscapes haunt your dreams and be what causes you to jolt up, screaming in a cold sweat at 2am.

Image of God is War (Cruellest III)
God is War (Cruellest III)
Image of Exclusion Zone
Exclusion Zone
Image of Threat of Innocence (Deathbed)
Threat of Innocence (Deathbed)
Image of Blitzkreig Baby (Restock)
Blitzkreig Baby (Restock)
Image of GRIM Image of GRIM
Image of Delta Kane
Delta Kane
Image of Sleep Chamber
Sleep Chamber
Image of Bizarre Rituals
Bizarre Rituals
£12.00 — Sold out
Image of Princess Disease
Princess Disease
Image of Femme Under Plastic Image of Femme Under Plastic
Femme Under Plastic
£14.00 — Sold out
Image of Exit Electronics
Exit Electronics
£10.00 — Sold out
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