Cassette Label
Image of Bladed Orchid

Bladed Orchid


Shipping mid september

UPDATE: Expected Week of 21 September - UPDATE: DELAYED...Expected late October

Limited to 30 worldwide, exclusive euro distro as Jordan Reyes turns his hand to Black Metal & Dungeon Synth

Comes with Obi Strip

Image of Pale Spring - Cygnus
Pale Spring - Cygnus
Image of Jon Mueller
Jon Mueller
Image of Pale Spring -Dusk
Pale Spring -Dusk
Image of Ossemaan
Image of Obscurae
Image of Forest Management - After Dark
Forest Management - After Dark
Image of Close - Jordan Reyes
Close - Jordan Reyes
Image of Jordan Reyes (Vinyl)
Jordan Reyes (Vinyl)
Image of Brett Naucke
Brett Naucke
Image of Civic Center
Civic Center
Image of Mute Duo
Mute Duo
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