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Black Leather Jesus (FP)


Our very 1st batch from Flesh Prison, Montreal - & it is a good one!

Pre-Order: Shipped to us mid June...these are imminent, but please be aware that transatlatic shipping can see delays. We ship as soon as they arrive, & you'll receive notification of shipment from ourselves

Black Leather Jesus - Wanting Your Tongue


"...Black Leather Jesus’ solo contribution and debut release on Flesh Prison Records, “Wanting Your Tongue Everywhere” is a beautiful, sensual and perfect title if you considering the circumstances. Put yourself at a construction site; the grinding of scrap metal, the aggressive yet rhythmic sounds of the power tools raging against its material, oscillating machinery rotating around your senses, the destruction of a compactor and loud yelling, almost chant-like, that dissolves through the debris filled air. Now, imagine the genius behind it all emulating such an environment of carefully curated sound compositions that bear these sonic components mixed with the ever increasing sensual moans breaking through the layers of desperate squealing texture undulating into some sort of unspoken magic all elegantly executed and you get Black Leather Jesus

After a deep listen it’s not easy to return from so it’s not recommended while driving or operating heavy machinery. The group consists of Richard Ramirez (NO association with the serial killer) who is one of the first noise makers and has issued 100’s of releases under many different monikers. We are honoured to be working with these living legends"

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