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Our final drop of the year from Astral Spirits/Editions:

Angler Senses
by Bevel

First pressing of 175 copies on AQUA BLUE shells

"The songs pull at you like the dream realm when you are trying to focus on daily life. The songs act as if they’re about to burst into a song you’ve enjoyed a hundred times before but they don’t — their path is sideways, backwards, upside down. And also completely straight, just to fuck with you." -- Bill Callahan

Via Nuon - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Synth, Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Emily Cross - Vocals
Nate Lepine - Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Pierce Doerr - Drums, Percussion
Quin Kirchner - Drums, Percussion, Guica
Bill MacKay -Electric Guitar on "Fear of Invisible Power" & Requinto on "Looking Back"

Mixed by Michael Krassner, December 2020.
Mastered by Mikey Young, August 2021.

all compositions by Via Nuon ©2021 Peasant at Rest Music ASCAP except for Ancient Air - a piece sung by an old lutenist at an inn in Nankin in 1198 A.D. discovered & notated by Chiang K'uei

Thanks to: Nate Cross, Adam Busch, Michael Krassner, Emma Monier, Ben Schulman, Greg Thomas, Rick Alverson and Bertrand Russell.

Image of Grossman / Morris-Smith (re-stock)
Grossman / Morris-Smith (re-stock)
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Brodie West Quintet
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Ashley Paul & Jeffrey Alexander
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Roedelius • Dallas Acid
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