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Bbomit // Black Wick


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A new double header drop from Popnihil

Demo​(​n) Hextape
by Bbomit // Black Wick

Two of North America’s most sinister sound alchemists team up for a heretical series of soundscapes, broken beats and twisted dancefloor headfuckery. Montreal’s Bbomit and Space Coast enigma Black Wick were on the same bill of a post-International Noise Conference in Orlando right before the pandemic shut the world down. An alliance was forged, the results of which are spooled on the magnetic tape of this one-off collaborative release. Side A is a new set of soundwork and experimental, hyperactive blasts from Bbomit. Side B are those same tracks taken deep into Black Wick's dungeon lab and warped beyond comprehension.

Includes button badge & postcard

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Utopia Brigade
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Child of Night
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