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Starlight Tour
by B.P.

Wormhole black cassette with white inkjet shell sticker + double sided J-Card in a clear hard shell case. Hand packaged, unmarked, limited edition run of 54.

JUNGLE GYM RECORDS presents "Starlight Tours", official label debut of Winnipeg's B.P. As the witching hour fades to black and white, we reach the water's edge, a constellation's shooting star, a paranoia close and infinitely far. Distant memories turn to sadness, the road home lost, a dry creek bed disappearing into the fog...

Four postcards from the twilight zone, "Starlight Tours" is our last remaining guide...

"Starlight Tours" was recorded Winter 2020
Originally released on Radiant Clay Records
Cassette Edition by Jungle Gym Records 2021
All Sounds by Bret Parenteau
Cover Art by Nathan Ivanco
Mastered by Jared Carrigan
Design by Dravier

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