Shipping by Friday 29 March

Courtesy of Discreet Music:

Aset - Bortom Naturens Förlåt CS

Moloton proudly presents the debut release by Aset (in Swedish meaning roughly ‘decomposing animal carcass being scavenged upon’). The constellation have existed for some time now in the Stockholm underground, but have up until now not released anything.

Behind the name are two experimental scene – by now – veterans: Anja Enerud of Masskultur and Orphan Ann recognition, and Sonja Tofik, who has made a name for herself as an experimental composer-performer, having released music through Moloton, Country Music and recently Northern Electronics as well as been commissioned by Ina GRM.

The full-length album ‘Bortom naturens förlåt’ is a collection of found sounds and instruments, tape loops, field recordings and noise, put together in a weirdly cohesive, almost diary-like form. Expect to hear original music as well as adaptions of folks songs from Tornedalen and anti-fascist French Resistance anthems veiled behind dim synthscapes, harmonium, brass instruments, accordion, electric guitar and a smattering of voice.

Moloton, 2024