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The latest batch from Noir Age

by Are Ess

Professionally dubbed Kelly green cassette tape with Risopgraph printed enclosure and newsprint insert, contained in a heavy 4 mil protective pouch. Leaves not included.

A site-specific work full of emotional depth comprised of eight instrumental compositions for treated guitar and blurred electronics by Massachusetts resident Robert Sergel. Calling to mind the introspective works of Harold Budd and Roy Montgomery. A personal sound journey through the ethereal landscape of Greylock’s mountainous terrain. A place where anger, loss, sadness, and stress just wash away into the dust.

Landing on Noir Age in an edition of 50 Kelly Green tapes wrapped in an oversize monochrome Risograph cocoon with a newsprint insert containing literature about the Thunderbolt ghost + souvenirs from the surrounding area.

Via Robert Sergel:
“The first side is inspired by a night Henry David Thoreau spent on Mount Greylock following the untimely tetanus death of his brother.

The second side draws from the story of Old Coot Saunders, the ghost of a civil war veteran who is said to haunt its trails.

More generally, it's an album about processing grief through nature.”

All music by Robert Sergel
Mastered by Lawrence English
Design by Noir Age
Risograph printing by KSY Press

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