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Anhedonia...Apologist. A CD on No Rent

“This record feels like being moved back and forth between a tentative field and a box, or watching a camera zoom out from a field to reveal it as a bubble in a storm, or having the wool ripped from your eyes repeatedly revealing you are in the storm and not in the field but you keep putting the wool back over your eyes to try and feel peace, but that peace is unsatisfying and uneasy and it isn’t rest.

Am I projecting? Maybe it actually feels like finding peace even though everything sucks ass. Judging by the title, I don’t think so, but maybe it will for you. Nothing actually feels like anything, so who cares. This is beautiful. It gives me anxiety. The use of motif is genius-shit. It’s distinct, and the apologist earcon of organ-y synth is teased but not delivered. I love denial. The title track is brutal and anguished, expressing a different pain than the trying and restrained agony I think of when I think “apologist.” anhedonia’s got range, baby. Listen when driving at night alone.”

-Caroline D

This is apologist’s first full length release.

Edition of 300


released November 9, 2020

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