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Amanda Irarrázabal & Eli Wallace


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Entre Pliegos
by Amanda Irarrázabal & Eli Wallace

Entre Pliegos embarks on a quest through shared sonic ancestry to explore the immediacy of communication, invoking a mercurial, yet at times uplifting, musical environ. The drones and growls of low strings flow into explosive electronics, while ecstatic vocal spikes morph into rambunctious linear intertwinings that settle into an interminable, grating exhale.

Chilean-based double bassist Amanda Irarrázabal and Brooklyn, NY-based pianist Eli Wallace crossed paths in the summer of 2019,
where they collaborated for a few weeks in the eclectic Mexico City improvisational music scene. They found an instant connection
predicated on a shared interest in expanding their respective instruments' sound and incorporating an all-encompassing exploratory
approach to idiomatic inspiration. This approach manifests in Amanda's unconventional use of the bass, singing and vocalizing,
and her use of electronics. Eli subverts the piano's conventional sound by preparing the instrument, complementing its sound by
playing small percussion instruments. This results in a multi-instrumental mindset ensconced in anti-genre musical freedom.

With the initial groundwork of their musical confluence established, they remained in contact and recorded this duo album Entre Pliegos
when Amanda traveled to New York in the Summer of 2021. The result was a deepening of the aforementioned musical congruency.
They stretched each other's proclivities, pushing each other in different directions that encompassed their backgrounds. While their
separate identities comprising free jazz and improvisational music resound throughout, this recording hints at something much more
antiquated as they draw upon shared ancestral sonic history, unearthing it in unexpected and unforeseen ineffable musical offerings.
This release is a documentation of their shared heterogeneous experience of sound, expressed through their multifaceted collaborative

released February 24, 2023

Amanda Irarrázabal - Bass, voice, electronics
Eli Wallace - Piano, objects

Engineered by René Pierre Allain at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY August 2021
Mixed and mastered by Nathaniel Morgan

Cover art photography by Amanda Irarrázabal

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