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A Tribute to Swell Maps


Pre Order - Shipping from Friday 15 April

The return of Deconstructed//Reconstructed

Swell Maps//Post Punk Modernism

An eclectic tribute to the wonderous Swell Maps.

"Of all the bands to have emerged in the wake of punk, Swell Maps were always the odd ones out. As excited by Gong and Faust as Buzzcocks and Desperate Bicycles, they were as likely to break into eight-minute experimental jams complete with vacuum cleaner, balloons and xylophone as they were to hurtle through ninety seconds of adrenalised rock & roll"...The Quietus

"The first Swell Maps single I bought ("Let's Build A Car") still to this day gives me a soul scorched buzz'n'rush. As soon as Nikki Sudden's guitar comes slicing slabbing and all out fuzzifying off that crackling vinyl groove you know yr gonna rock. The Swell Maps had a lot to do with my upbringing... I wish I saw them"...Thurston Moore

Alex Cunningham
Soft Shoulder
The Prestidigitators
Won James Won
Nigel Ayers
Push for Night
Peter Quistgard

A couple of late comers to add too!

There will be 3 digi tracks with pre order. Beyond that, its cassette only!

All profits to be donated (awaiting confirmation of recipient from Jowe Head)

Note: Approval for project was received by Jowe. However, he has had no input into the process itself, & does not officially endorse the product - although he has asked for a copy!). Huge thanks to Jowe for allowing us to proceed

Shell Variants:

15 copies - Recycled Purple
25 Copies - Recycled Blue
40 - Recycled Coral

Postcard. Presentation envelope. DIY Booklet

Check out the official Swell Maps website -

Image of A Tribute to Swell Maps Image of A Tribute to Swell Maps
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